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DNS Editor (free of charge)

The service is provided free of charge to each client who has registered the domain name in R01. DNS Editor enables the client to independently add and edit the following records (via web-interface):

  • А type record
  • МХ type record
  • CNAME type record
  • NS type record
  • TXT type record
  • SRV type record
  • AAAA type record
  • PTR type record
  • SSHFP type record

There is no need to contact our technical support department for this; everything can be done independently, quickly and without any extra efforts.

Besides, DNS Editor offers additional features:

  • DNS zone loading from the file
  • Zone export into the file
  • Template loading into the zone (by default, templates for R01 hosting service, R01 parking and Gmail are available)
  • DNS templates editor (which makes it possible to create own DNS templates)
  • Editing Minimum and TTL fields in SOA record

To enable the free-of-charge service of primary and secondary DNS (DNS Editor) you need to:

  • Log in to R01 account manager
  • In "Domains" section   select "Edit" option   in "Actions" column in the line with your domain name.
  • Select "Place primary and secondary DNS on the Registrar's servers" option and enqueue the delegation task.

In few minutes after the task is enqueued you will get an e-mail notification on successful delegation of the domain name at the Registrar's DNS servers: and

To make changes in the zone at the Registrar's DNS servers you need to

  • Log in to R01 account manager
  • In "Domains" section  
  • Select "DNS zone management on the Registrar's servers" option in "Actions" column in the line with your domain name
  • Now you can add/edit/delete records in your zone configuration.

The changes made via web-interface become available at DNS servers within 10 minutes' period.

Attention! The information is not spread throughout the global DNS system immediately; sometimes it may take up to several days (usually 6-8 hours). Please also note that zone management at the Registrar's DNS servers is possible only upon condition that your domain name is delegated at these servers ( and

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