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DNS record types

The main types of Resource Records:

  • MX record defines the domain name mail transmitter, i.e. a node which processes and passes on mail messages intended for an addressee in the indicated domain. When several MX records are available, an attempt is made to deliver the mail to the transmitter with the lowest-numbered priority value first.
  • NS record defines DNS servers which are authoritative for the given zone.
  • CNAME record defines the display of an alias as a canonical node name.
  • SRV record allows to get the name of the service being sought, as well as the protocol under which this service operates.
  • TXT record contains general text information. These records may be used for any purpose, e.g. for indication of the host location.
  • AAAA record is used to assign a host name conversion to IPV6 address.
  • SSHFP record is used to store SSH key fingerprints in DNS.
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