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Renewal of gTLD and non-Russian ccTLD domain names

To renew a gTLD and non-Russian ccTLD domain name you will be required to:

  1. Log into R01 account manager using the agreement number as login. Agreement number can be found in the e-mail confirming your successful registration at R01 website. If you don't have an agreement with R01, then in order to renew a domain name you need to contact the company through which you have registered the domain name.
  2. In "Finance"  section of R01 account manager you can view your current balance amount and recharge it, if necessary.
  3. In "gTLD and non-Russian ccTLD domain names"  section of your account manager click on "Domain renewal"  link in the line of the domain name to be renewed.



Automatic Domain Name Renewal

For annual renewal of a domain name in gTLD and non-Russian ccTLD you may enable "Autorenew" option. In this case, the domain name will be renewed automatically 55 days prior to the end of the registration term (provided that the funds available on your personal account are sufficient to cover the service) or within an hour after arrival of funds. The domain is renewed to the period equal to one calendar year.

To enable the option go to "gTLD and ccTLD domains" section of R01 Account manager, select "Automatic renewal" option against the domain name which the automatic renewal is to be set for.

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