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Undelegation and deletion of non-renewed domain names

If domain name is not renewed before registration expiry date specified in Expiration Date in Whois service, domain delegation will be suspended, domain will have clientHold status and the services using this domain (website, mail, etc.) will cease to operate. In this case the Registrant reserves the right to renew registration within blocking period.

If domain name renewal is not paid for during specified period, Registrar starts the deletion procedure. Depending on TLD, deletion procedure can take up to 35 days.

Generally, during the deletion procedure domain may be redeemed and renewed upon Registrant's request.

The duration of registration blocking period for each TLD is specified in the table:

TLD Blocking period (Directi), days Blocking period (R01), days Redemption period, days
.COM and .NET 36 40 25
.ORG 36 25
.BIZ 36 25
.INFO 36 25
.NAME 40 25
.ASIA 40 25
.MOBI 36 25
.TEL 40 40 25
.US 36 30
.IN 36 30
.ME 36 30
.BZ 40 30
.MN 40 30
.CC 36 30
.TV 36 30
.WS 36 N/A
.KZ 30 N/A
.RU 30 N/A
.SU 30 N/A
. 30 N/A
.MOSCOW 45 30
. 45 30

.RU, . and .SU domains will be deleted on the second business day after the scheduled domain release date, if the scheduled domain release date happens on weekend or a day after the weekend. For other domains the Registry usually sets corresponding status for the domain in Whois service for 30 days:

  • .NET, .COM, .CC, .TV, .BZ, .MN - RedemptionPeriod,
  • .BIZ, .TEL — Pending Delete,
  • .INFO, .ORG, .ME, .MOBI, .NAME - PendingDelete Restorable.

If the domain name is not redeemed and renewed, it will be deleted from the registry during 5 days after Redemption period (Pending Delete or PendingDelete Restorable). During those 5 days (domain state in the Registry— PendingDelete) domain redemption, renewal and registration are not available.

Upon domain name deletion from the Registry domain name is available for registration to anyone.

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