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.RU, .SU, and . Domain Registrant Change

Transfer of rights to a domain via client area
Transfer of rights to a domain by letter
Special cases

Transfer of rights to a domain via client area

To change the Registrant of a domain name via client area, the following steps should be taken:

  • The current Registrant should go through data identification.
  • Log in to client area using Registrant's nic-hdl of ***-R01 type (***-ORG-R01). Nic-hdl can be found in R01 client area in the "Domain registrants" section. If the domains being transferred are located in the main Registrant's client area (default nic-hdl), you can log in to it using login.
  • Go to the "Domains" section and choose "Registrant change" -> "New application" in the "Tools" block.
  • Select the domains, enter nic-hdl of a new Registrant, specify the payer, and submit an application.
  • Agree to the terms of the application for domain ownership right transfer.
  • The losing and gaining registrants should confirm registrant change by following the instructions given in letters for registrant change confirmation. Letters are sent to the e-mail address specified in the Registrant details (nic-hdl) in the "Email" field.
  • The Payer should go to the "Registrant change" section, select the application, click on the "Details" button, and confirm service payment.
  • Wait until task processing has been completed in the queue. The domain name will be available in the gaining Registrant's client area.

Please note that the Registrar reserves the right to suspend processing of applications for Registrant change and request any additional documents:

  • in case of doubts in accuracy of the information provided;
  • when becoming aware of the loss of login information by the Applicant.

Transfer of rights to a domain by letter

In order to change the Registrant by letter, the current Registrant should send a letter stating that he/she transfers the right to the domain name

The letter from the losing registrant should be as follows:

In case the right to a domain name is transferred by an individual or individual entrepreneur

  • The signature on the letter shall be notarized. A copy of the main ID (first two pages and a page containing information about the place of residence) should be attached to the letter.
  • Letter notarization is not required if the Registrant delivers the letter by hand to Registrar R01's office. In this case, the main ID will be enough.
  • Non-residents will be required to submit an original letter and a copy of the main ID. Letter notarization is not required.


It is not allowed to transfer the rights based on a letter signed by the Registrant's representative in accordance with a power of attorney if the domain ownership rights are transferred to the representative himself/herself or another person whom he/she represents (pursuant to Article182.3 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Please pay attention to special cases when an organization transferring domain ownership rightsis required to provide a set of additional documents.

If a new Registrant has no direct agreement with Registrar R01 or any of its Partners yet, the new Registrant should enter into an agreement.

A letter from the gaining registrant should be as follows:

The letter from a new Registrant should include a unique object code in R01 database (nic-hdl) and the agreement number under which the services will be provided.

Letters should be delivered to the Registrar's office or sent to our postal address: JSC "Registrar R01," 123308, Moscow, P.O. Box 99.

If the domain is transferred to another Registrar (in addition to registrant change):

According to the Rules of domain names registration approved by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/, Registrar change is possible only upon expiration of a 30-day period from the date of Registrant change. Therefore, the required documents for Registrar change can be provided only upon expiration of the said period.

Conditions under which the domain ownership right transfer cannot be made:

  • the domain name has expired;
  • injunctions have been given in respect of, or pretrial restrictions have been imposed on the domain name;
  • Registrar R01 had asked the Registrant to provide additional information, which was not provided in due time;
  • the domain name is blacklisted;
  • for .RU and . domain names:
    • less than 30 days have passed after the Registrant change;
  • for .SU domain names:
    • less than 60 days have passed after the Registrant change;
    • less than 60 days have passed after the Registrar change.
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