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Automatic domain name renewal

To assure timely renewal of the domain name registration term you may enable "Automatic renewal" option. In this case, the domain name will be renewed 55 days prior to the end of the registration term (provided that the funds available on your account manager are sufficient) or within an hour after arrival of funds.

Thus, with the automatic renewal option enabled it is sufficient to make a deposit on your personal account (e.g. via QIWI terminal) and your domain name will be automatically renewed, i.e. no other actions in R01 account manager are required.

Since .RU,.SU and .РФ domain names cannot be renewed not earlier than 60 calendar days before the end of the registration term, the automatic renewal option enables you to renew the domain name even if you have no access to computer during the period envisaged for such renewal.

To enable this option go to "Domains" section of R01 Account manager, click on flag just opposite the domain name which the automatic renewal is to be set for and enable "Automatic renewal" for your domain.

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