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How to renew existing hosting?

To renew existing hosting you will be required to:

  • log in to account manager using the agreement number as login.
  • Go to Finance section of the account manager and make sure you have enough funds to renew the service. If required recharge account by any available option, for example via Paymaster or YooMoney.
  • go to Hosting section of the account manager.
  • In the line with the account to be renewed select in the leftmost column Renew option and follow the instructions of the hosting renewal wizard.
  • In case of successful renewal of hosting the information letter will be sent to your contact e-mail and in Hosting section of R01 account manager the information about new term of the service will be displayed.

Note that if before renewal the account was disabled, it will be restored within one hour upon executing renewal task.

You can also use automatic hosting renewal, which is performed 11 days prior to the end of the prepaid period (for monthly hosting service) and 56 days prior to end of the prepaid period (for one-year hosting service) provided that the funds available at the personal account are sufficient or within one hour after arrival of funds.

Thus, when the automatic hosting service renewal option is enabled, you will only need to make a deposit on your personal account (e.g. via QIWI terminal) and your hosting service will be automatically renewed, i.e. no other actions in your R01 personal account are required.

To enable this option go to "Hosting" section of R01 account manager, click on the flag just opposite the domain name which the automatic renewal is to be set for and enable "Automatic renewal" for your domain.

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