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Request making (filling out) rules

A request is an email containing information for entering into Registrar R01's database.

Now requests can be used to establish new persons, entities and domains or to renew the existing domains. The email requests should be sent from one of the contact addresses under the agreement to or to

Koi8-r and windows-1251 coded requests, only, shall be accepted. In case a windows-1251 coded email is sent, it should contain a heading:

Content-type: text/plain; charset=windows-1251

In any case, an email should contain a heading:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

The email includes two blocks: an authorization block and a template block.

  • The email always begins with the authorization block which specifies the action to be performed and the credentials.
  • The authorization block is followed by the template block. The template block includes several templates.

For example, registration of a new person and its domain requires specification in the beginning of template #[PERSON TEMPLATE]# containing the person's details and then template #[DOMAIN TEMPLATE]# containing the domain information.
For registration of an entity's domain #[ORGANIZATION TEMPLATE]# template is used instead of #[PERSON TEMPLATE]#.

The template block ends with line #[TEMPLATES END]#.

If one request contains the person/entity template and a template of the domain to be registered for the person/entity, the person/entity template should be specified first and followed with the domain template. For more information on fields and sub-blocks, please, see Field description.

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