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How to make payment (recharge account) from Megafon mobile phone?

To recharge account from Megafon mobile phone you should:

  • Log in to QIWI Wallet. Use your mobile phone number as login.
  • If you have no password yet to enter QIWI Wallet client area, use Register option and you will get SMS with the password.

  • After logging in, enter "Registrar R01" in provider's search form.
    There may be two providers with this name, select one of them. If you select the second one, there will be no option to pay from Megafon account.

  • Enter the amount for payment, specify your R01 agreement number, select payment option — Megafon and click on "Pay".
  • After you receive SMS from number 11700108, follow the SMS instructions. It is usually required to send a reply message.
    The funds will be debited from your account from the mobile operator and approximately in 10 minutes will be credited to your account in R01. In some cases (for example, for corporate users) payment may be unavailable, and you will be notified thereof accordingly by SMS.

The commission is displayed when you enter the money for payment and usually amounts to 2,1%.

The funds are credited to R01 from Megafon account using QIWI payment service.

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