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How to make payment (recharge account) via QIWI Wallet?

To recharge account in cash via QIWI Wallet you should:

  • Log in to R01 account manager using your agreement number (agreement number can be viewed for example in letter about successful agreement signing with R01)
  • Go to Finance section
  • In "Tools" menu select Recharge account
  • Specify the amount for payment and follow the billing wizard instructions. As a result the bill will be issued to you with an offering to pay for it via QIWI Wallet.
  • Specify your mobile phone number.
  • After phone number entry the bill will be transferred for payment to QIWI Wallet. It can be paid via:
    • QIWI terminal (after logging in to QIWI Wallet and specifying your mobile phone number as a login. After that the bill from R01 will be displayed)
    • QIWI Wallet website on the Internet (mobile phone number is also used as a login).

Bill payment shall be made within 5 days.

The funds will be charged to R01 account in approximately 10 minutes after payment.

Payment via QIWI Wallet payment system has a number of advantages over payment just via QIWI terminal:

  • No need to search R01 in the list of companies in the menu.
  • The bill for payment from R01 will be displayed on the first page of QIWI Wallet after logging in.
  • No need to enter the number of the agreement with R01 the bill transferred to QIWI Wallet for payment already has all the required details.
  • The balance of the credited amount on the account of QIWI Wallet may be used for future payment of services in QIWI Wallet.
  • Payment may be made not only via payment terminal, but via client area of QIWI Wallet on the Internet.

No commission is charged, is payment is made via QIWI Wallet.

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