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How to make payment (recharge account) via Webmoney?

To recharge account in cash via Webmoney you should:

  • Log in to R01 account manager by the agreement number (agreement number can be viewed for example in letter about successful agreement signing with R01)
  • Go to Finance section 
  • In "Tools" menu select Recharge account  
  • Specify the amount for payment and follow the billing wizard instructions. As a result the bill will be issued to you with an offering to pay for it via Webmoney.
  • After that you will be redirected to the website of the Webmoney payment system to make payment.
  • After successful payment of the issued bill the funds will be immediately credited to your personal account.

Please note, that direct transfers to our wallets within Webmoney system are impossible! If payment is made via Webmoney the funds can be credited only through the mechanism as detailed above (by pressing pressing «Recharge balance» in R01 account manager).

Transfer is made with a standard WebMoney commission (0,8%).

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