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Unhiding personal and contact data

Following the federal law of the Russian Federation N 152-FZ "On personal data" dated 27 July 2006 and Terms and Conditions of Domain Names Registration R01 Registrar does not make personal data about its clients publicly available. Field "person" of Whois service displays "Private Person" for everyone (!) instead of name and surname.RU, .SU and .РФ domain names registered for entity's name.

If you want your personal data to be published in WHOIS service of R01 Registrar, you need to give your written consent. Please note that the application shall be either signed in office in witness of R01 Registrar representative, or notarized.

Phone number and e-mail may also be fully unhidden in local Whois service of R01 Registrar (the services are available for .RU and .РФ domain names).

To use this service you will need to check against "Unhide phone" when editing information for the domain (follow "Edit" link in "Domains" section of R01 account manager. In a similar manner "Unhide e-mail".

If you decide to hide your e-mail address and/or phone number again, in account manager (link "Edit" in "Domains" section) you need to uncheck "e-mail" and "phone" fields. Then, in local Whois service of R01 Registrar, your contact details will be fully hidden.

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