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SMS notifications / SMS confirmations

Direct customers of R01 may get two types of free text messages to the specified mobile number: SMS notifications and SMS confirmations.

As of today, these text messages (SMS) are sent only to the users of mobile network operators from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus. Please note the country codes to be entered:

Russia <+7>
Kazakhstan <+76> or <+77>
Ukraine <+38> or <+380>
Belarus <+375>

SMS notifications

You may specify the number for SMS notifications in account manager of R01 Registrar.

You may get the following types of notifications:

  • Paid term of domain registration is expiring
  • Paid term of hosting is expiring
  • Not enough funds on the personal account to fulfill the task
  • Receipt of funds on the personal account
  • Notification about registrant change
  • Insufficient funds on the account (for partners/resellers)

You may specify the phone number for SMS notifications:

  • when executing the agreement
  • in account manager of R01 Registrar: select tool "Change number for SMS" in section "My data"

After filling mobile phone number you will receive SMS with the confirmation code to be entered in R01 account manager. Only upon entry of the confirmation code SMS notifications service will become active under your agreement.

You may set notifications (enable, disable, prioritize) in R01 account manager, Settings, subsection "Notifications settings".

Please note that "Settings" sections is only available in the advanced version of the account manager. You may switch from Standard to Advanced version in the right top corner of the account manager.

SMS confirmations

You need to specify a number for SMS confirmations to enable the service "Simplified Registrant Change Procedure". The option is available for both direct customers and customers of resellers.

If you attempt to release the domain for another registrant you will receive SMS with the confirmation code of this operation. Upon code entry the domain will be released for another registrant.

You may specify the phone number for SMS confirmations:

  • when executing the agreement
  • when applying for the service "Simplified Registrant Change Procedure"
  • when submitting a notarized letter for adding/changing the number for SMS confirmations (notarization is optional when the agreement holder comes personally to the Registrar’s office with the supporting documents).
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