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Website redirection — web forwarding (free)

To configure your domain redirection, for example, to another domain, for example, the following is to be done:

  1. Log in to R01 account manager using your agreement number as login.
  2. Go to "Domains" section 
  3. In the line with your domain select in "Actions" column option "Domain parking"
  4. In "Tools" menu click on "Enable".
  5. On the parking server select Website redirection template (Web-forwarding).
  6. Click on "Change" button and in the displayed editor enter URL of the website the redirection is made to (in format) Carefully verify the entered link to ensure the text has no extra characters and spaces after it. Verify that the entered address is not the link, i.e. it is highlighted in blue. If the address is highlighted in blue, you need to select it and click on "remove link" in tools panel.
  7. Click on "Save".
  8. Click on "Publish", then the task for domain delegation with Registrar's ns-servers will be enqueued.
  9. After the domain is delegated with Registrar's ns-servers, you need to ensure that the records required for parking operation are entered into DNS. If no records are available, they need to be entered. Therefore, you will be required to:
    • Go to "Domains" section 
    • In the line with domain name select in "Actions" column option "DNS zone management on Registrar's servers" 
    • If no А records are available in your zone, select "Add record", record type "А". Leave "Host" field blank, enter ip-address in "Value" field
    • Similar to previous item add the second А record by entering "www" into "Host" field. As a result, your DNS record shall contain the following records:

      Host Type of record Value
      www A

Please, note that information in the global DNS system is not spread instantly, sometimes even up to several days (usually 6-8 hours).

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