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How do I establish a link between a domain name and a specific IP address?

Let us assume that we need to establish a link between domain name and IP address

For this it shall be necessary to add A record (which assigns the host name conversion to the IP address) into DNS zone of domain.

If the domain name is available in R01 database the following can be done to solve this problem:

  • Log in to R01 account manager
  • In "Domains" section delegate   your domain name with DNS servers of the Registrar (,
  • In "Domains" section select "DNS zone management on the Registrar's servers" option in "Actions" column in the line with your domain name.
  • In "Adding record to DNS" section it shall be necessary to select "A" as the required record type.
  • "Host" field shall be left blank, and IP address shall be entered into the "Value" field (in this case:
  • Click on "Add the record" button.
    As the result, the record of the following type will appear:
    Host Record type Value

If symbol "*" (asterisk) is put into "Host" field, all subdomains of your domain (e.g., will be linked to the IP address indicated by you.

Please note that after the records have been entered in DNS Editor the information is not spread throughout the global DNS system immediately; sometimes it may take up to several days (usually it takes 6-8 hours). This delay is caused by specific features of DNS global system operation.

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