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Redemption of gTLDs and non-Russian ccTLDs

For gTLDs and non-Russian ccTLDs "Domain name redemption" service may be delivered, if not more than 25 calendar days have passed from the moment of initiation of the domain deletion procedure in the Registry.

For .WS, .NAME and .KZ domain names, no domain redemption service is provided.

To provide "Domain name redemption" service, the domain name registration term is renewed to 1 (one) year upon expiry of the previous registration term.

Domain name redemption:

  • If your domain was supported under direct agreement with the Registrar, you should:
    • Log in, using your agreement number in R01 Account manager.
    • In "Finance" section of R01 Account manager you can view your current balance and recharge it, if necessary.

      The fees for "Domain name redemption" service are given here.

    • Submit request to from the contact e-mail address specified in the agreement with the submission of copies of supporting documents.
  • If your domain was under the agreement of Registrar's Partner, you should apply to the organization, your domain was previously maintained by.
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