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Domain names delegation

Domain name delegation is the prerequisite for its use on the Internet. Operation of the delegated domain name is assured by its DNS servers — hardware and software systems which contain necessary information on the domain name and provide it in accordance with the Internet specifications. Registrant shall assure availability (for the delegated domain name) of not less than two DNS servers which have a reliable connection and operate on a round-the-clock basis.

You may use R01 Whois service to check whether a domain name has been delegated.

The delegated domain name shall have the following string:

To delegate the domain it shall be required to:

  1. log in to R01 Account manager;
  2. go to "Domains" section and click on the domain name (as a link) to be delegated;
  3. select "Edit" item from "Tools" menu and follow the step-by-step instructions. At the first step you will be asked to enter a list of DNS servers which you want to delegate the domain name with;
  4. after the task is enqueued for execution you can monitor its status in "Task queue" section.

Please note, since the information is not spread throughout the global DNS system immediately, your domain name will become available on the Internet in 6-8 hours after delegation.

Domain name may only be delegated after a check of communication with Registrant through a phone with text messaging/SMS capability.

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