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Mail redirection — mail forwarding (free)

For connection of the "Mail-forwarding" service you will be required to:

  1. Log in to R01 account manager using your agreement number as login.
  2. Go to "Domains" section
  3. Just opposite the required domain in "Actions" column click on "Mail redirection management" and "Add redirection".
  4. Specify the address, the mail will be redirected to.
  5. If the domain is delegated with R01 DNS servers, the service will be connected automatically. If the domain is delegated with other DNS servers (with another hosting provider), MX record should be entered on the hoster's side:

To enable redirection it shall be necessary that MX record for your domain name points at our mail server your domain name is delegated with the Registrar's DNS servers, it can be done via the corresponding section of the account manager. In this case "Host" field remains blank, and "Value" field you should enter: (dot at the end is required).

As a result, your DNS record shall contain the following record:

Host Type of record Priority Value
 @ MX 10 

About "Mail-forwarding" service

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