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Service connection "Free website (domain parking)"

  1. Log in to R01 account manager with your agreement number.
  2. Go to "Domains"  or "gTLD and non-Russian ccTLD domain names" section
  3. Just opposite the required domain name in "Actions" column click on "Domain parking"   and "Enable".
  4. Select the template and fill it with your contents.
  5. Click on "Publish" button, then the task for domain delegation with Registrar's DNS servers will be enqueued.
  6. After the domain is delegated, you need to ensure that the records required for parking operation are entered into DNS.

If parking page fails to open under the domain within a day after service connection, you need to check zone configuration and make appropriate changes in "Domains" section via "DNS zone management" link

Your zone configuration shall contain the following records:

Host Type of record Value
www A

Domain parking will be available within 3-10 hours upon entry of appropriate records into zone configuration.

How to add A records  

About "Free website (domain parking) service"

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